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Same-Day Appointments at The Herrmann Practice

  It’s no secret that Gynecologist’s offices have long waits, both in the office and scheduling, as many practices have difficulty working patients into their schedules for urgent problems. In some cases, it may take weeks to get a routine appointment in many OBGYN offices. This is mostly due to the demands of busy obstetrical Read more about Same-Day Appointments at The Herrmann Practice[…]

Maintain Your Overall Health With Your Yearly Exam

  The annual women’s health exam is often something women don’t look forward to, however, it is an essential component to living a long and healthy life. Through annual exams, women can find the answers to all of their health concerns and find a safe place to talk about sensitive and personal topics. In addition, Read more about Maintain Your Overall Health With Your Yearly Exam[…]

When to Establish Adolescent Care

  When should young women start seeing an OBGYN? Everyone’s health care needs are different, but establishing women’s healthcare during adolescence is important to promoting long-term healthy lifestyles. In fact, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), it is recommended that young females have their first Ob-Gyn visit when they’re 13 to Read more about When to Establish Adolescent Care[…]

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